Get Relief

Students struggle to manage stress. Get Relief offers busy students to connect with peers, and learn techniques to help manage stress on-the-go!

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How does it work?

Unlock the full potential of our amazing app and learn the ins-and-outs to make our app work for you.


Before a user is allowed to finish completing their sign-up, there is a mini-assessment to help curate content for their needs.


The profile page provides a mindful/motivating quote of the day, weekly goals, both suggested and self made, and best of all a progress tracker that encourages growth.


The user can choose from various options that gives students the opportunity to choose how they learn. This includes Forums, Meditations, Podcasts, Find a Group, Journal, and Articles.


This app is to relieve stress! It is provided completely free of charge, with no hidden obligations or conditions attached.

Stop stressing.
Get Relief.

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Sarah Johnson

I absolutely love the 'Get Relief' app! It's been a lifesaver during stressful times. The exercises are easy to follow and have really helped me manage my stress on the go.

David Kim

This app has been amazing for me. As a college student with a heavy workload, stress is a constant battle. 'Get Relief' has helped me keep my stress levels in check and stay focused.

Emily Patel

The 'Get Relief' app is a must-have for any student. It's easy to use and the exercises are quick and effective. I love how it helps me destress and refocus during busy days.

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